What if I want a refund on a product or service I purchased from a Pauil Darby, Inc., website?

We offer a no questions asked, iron clad and hassle free 30 money back guarantee on all of our products and services unless specifically and clearly marked differently.

An example would be, Premium Traffic Orders.  We do not guarantee any level of success with our Premium Buyers Traffic as we do not know what you are selling or if you have the ability and talent to sell that item or service online.

We do guarantee that our Traffic Agency has been in operation for over a decade and is driven by mostly repeat orders and returning customers and members because of the excellent quality and pricing on our Premium Buyers Traffic.

If you ever need a refund, just send in a support ticket and we will take care of it.

If you have gone over thirty days, we probably will not issue a refund as someone has been paid a commission on your order and waited the full grace period of 30 days to receive their commission so that money is no longer,  "Yours" but has been moved on to "Someone Else".

When requesting a refund please keep in mind  our "Sit it out for 90 days" rule.. we do not mind if you honestly tried and did not like or were not satisfied for any reason, but we do not like serial refunders who use, refund and then rebuy to refund again!

Please read this document on the 90 day no more buying from us rule