Meaning this is mostly what the hours are, are Monday - Friday 8:00am thru 5:00pm.

Many times support tickets are being responded to well beyond these hours however we just want to remind our customers, you can't send in a support ticket and then immediately send in another stating your support tickes are not being answered.

We promise to get to tickets and questions as fast as we can because we want you to be happy and if you had any issues that we get them resolved for you.

Just try to remember, just like you,  sometimes we are "Off" of work and doing other things like eating or reintroducing ourselves to our family members who have started forgetting what we look like because we are working so much on the computer...

So send in your ticket and then please work on something else until we can get to you.

If you send in multiple tickets you will lose the rank your ticket as climbed to each time we get another in for you as we answer tickets typically in the order that they arrived.

Have a wonderful day,  we're working on getting you all fixed up