The Automated list building and marketing Z App is  currently being  given away free by the creator company, Paul Darby, Inc., and members.

Valued by the company at $1,900.00 the Z App is one of the most exciting Apps  to hit the  online World as it enables men and women to profit from being online using the list building, and  automated marketing  features of the App.

If a member wishes to be a Z Reseller they may secure an account to be a reseller.

Currently the pricing is $63.00 a month which is available only from day 1-7 of a new visitor and or member's first visit to our website.

Once someone has seen and had the opportunity to have Z free and use and benefit from it we offer 7 days for them to get to choose if they wish to be a Z Reseller at the current discounted pricing.

After 7 days the new member will see the pricing of $97.00 for the Z  Resellers License.

The resellers license is a monthly fee and members can know that in some cases they only have to refer one other person who  refers other Z license purchasers to make more in commissions than the license costs.