The Z App is a brand new release from Paul Darby, Inc.  This app empowers people anywhere in the World to have the ability to build a large personal marketing  list and then the app will automatically market to those lists in multiple proven to be effective ways.

The Z's automated marketing:

- Emails
- Bonus Links
-Membership links
-Funnel links
-Member pictures and links

How does it work?

Every member who has an active account in the Z App immediately gets an affiliate link to share with others as soon as they register for their free account.

Keeping in mind that the Z App has a $1,900.00 value but is being distributed by Paul Darby, Inc., and members for no cost to new members.

As each member shares their unique affiliate link, and people visiting their webpage sign up for their free Z App, that name is entered into the members Tier I list.

As those new Tier I members share their links, the original member gets those names added to their Tier II list.

This means that members get a real time list built from everyone they refer and everyone that those people refer as well.
This results in the fastest high quality marketing lists being built that we have ever experienced online.

Next Z begins sharing what each member has typed into their, "Tier I", "Tier II" and bonus link text boxes in their members area.

Z grabs those links and begins sending them into the members area, emails and funnels for each member which means that all members may now build huge marketing lists and then have the Z market to those lists fully automatically.

3rd Party Autoresponder:

The Z also empowers members to use 3rd party autoresponders such as EResponder, AWeber, GetResponse and others so
that all their new marketing leads are automatically sent to what ever lists each member wishes to have and operate.

Z Reseller:

Any member who wishes may also participate in our Z Reseller program which empowers them to earn an additional income stream when their leads purchase a Z Resellers license for this same purpose.

This is not mandatory in order to use and profit from all the  features of the Z but is a way for each member to make an additional income stream as they are sharing their link anyway and wish to have the additional income that being a Z reseller may produce.