Typically Paul Darby, Inc., product and services memberships pay:

Your direct referrals generally earn you 50% of the sale minus any credit card processing fees and or payment card feels for everyone you personally refer.

Your  Tier II commissions generally are 50% of the  sale minus  any credit card processing  fees and or payment card fees.

And in the Z Platform the Third Tier of commissions is roughly $5.00  per sale,  50% of the  sale minus any credit card processing  fees and  or payment card fees.

You get paid either two or three  tiers deep depending on the program you are in and you get paid these two or three levels as long as there are no breaks in the active members under you.

This means that if you sign someone up and they quit, that particular pay line is ended.

An example is,  Tom signs up Sally who signs up Bob.

When Sally gets a sale such as to Bob, Tom gets a commission also.

If Sally leaves the program, then Tom is in no way connected to Bob or his sales.