Our systems do not include a self hosted autoresponder.

If you need what we believe is the best value and offering on the net for autoresponders we recommend Joel Therien' s SendShark System, which also includes a complete web tools business package for $25.00

The systems in our membership area are Apps that link to a 3rd party autoresponder system such as, AWeber, Active Campaign, EResponse, and Get Response.

You will set up your autoresponder with those companies and then link them using our very easy Auto-Responder tab where you simply choose the auto-responder company you wish to use and the list name you have set up with that company.

Our software will then link to that account and will automatically link your leads and put them in the account you have set up to receive them.

For help in setting up your autoresponders, log in to any browser such as, "Google" and type in: 

1) The name of the Auto-responder, such as AWeber, and then type in your question.

And example would be, "How do I set up a new list in Aweber?"

2) Or, at the autoresopnder company website, click or tap on their support link and ask their customer support for assistance.